Saturday, November 27, 2010

Quick side dish: breaded green beans

My parents were renovating the kitchen last week (actually, they still didn't finish, but at least the oven is plugged and accessible), so I couldn't cook anything.  Bad luck; I may not make it to the 15 recipes I promised.

I heard, once, that the only practical innovation in world cuisine that polish kitchen has made was the custom of topping the veggies with breadcrumbs. I strongly disagree with that, but it occurred to me lately that maybe some people don't know about this simplest way to serve veggies ever. Polish kids tend to eat them just for the crumbs.

The recipe is very simple, actually a no-recipe. first, cook your green beans (or other veggie; it is traditionally used with cabbage, cauliflower and other stinky things) - I like to steam mine - and heat a pan. Put some oil on it, I use olive oil for the taste, then begin to stir in the breadcrumbs. Some people add salt and pepper, I like to experiment with tastes and often produce very spicy crumbs. Fry them until golden brown, stirring constantly to prevent from sticking. Now top your green beans with it and serve warm as a side dish.

BTW, if you like green beans, here's a recipe I recently found and it's amazing; I cooked my beans in dried sage infusion and they came out fantastic.

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MeShell said...

hah. It never occurred to me that people ate veggies (like cauliflower or green beans) without breadcrumbs until I went to a non Polish household for dinner.

I used to eat them for the breadcrumbs too. heehee. :D